Expedition Cruises

Expedition cruising delves into the exciting world of exploring remote locations, spectacular natural beauty and rich diversity.

Instead of a detailed itinerary, you book for an open-ended route that may be inspired by a wildlife sighting or Expedition Cruise - Antarticasimply to take advantage of a good weather. Instead of typical tropical locations, it may take you to rarely heard of localities in search of the wild and the untamed.

The ports of call are quaint little towns with exotic names and the onshore excursions might include a rafting tour alongside icebergs, swimming with whales and dolphins, or trekking through lush jungles. You are even welcome to observe the captain and his crew map out the course of the voyage.

You need to be physically fit to keep up, flexible to accommodate an open-ended itinerary (i.e. unexpected weather), and happy to travel aboard a smaller vessel. These cruises usually cater to less than a hundred like-minded individuals who answer the call of the wild. Some are wildlife photographers, nature trippers, extreme adventure enthusiasts along with folks just like you.

This type of cruising may be missing frills but not a comfortable luxury. You can still enjoy an en-suite cabin, good food, and onboard recreation amenities. These trips are usually arranged more than a year in advance.

Some great expedition cruises include Antartica (colossal icebergs and walk among thousands of penguins) and Spitsbergen Island in Norway (watch walruses and polar bears).

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